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Presentation of CERENEF


Le CEntre de REférence des Neurofibromatoses France, CERENEF, est constitué des 3 sites suivants :

  • A coordination site at the Henri-Mondor Hospital (Créteil) dedicated to patients with neurofibromatosis type 1.
  • A constituent site dedicated to neurofibromatosistype 1 (Lyon) led by Dr Mona Amini-Adle (onco-dermatologist of the Léon Bérard cancer centre).
  • A constituent site dedicated to patients with type 2 neurofibromatosis directed by Professor Michel Kalamarides (neurosurgeon, Pitié-Salpêtrière group, Paris).

The paediatric management of neurofibromatosis type 1 in Île-de-France is grouped into three competence centres:

  • The site of the Trousseau Hospital (Paris) directed by Professor Diana Rodriguez (paediatric neurologist).
  • The site of the "Necker-Enfants Malades" Hospital (Paris) directed by Professor Smaïl Hadj-Rabia (dermatologist).
  • This offer is complemented by another competence centre located near the coordinating site, the paediatrics department of the Intercommunal Hospital Centre Créteil (Centre HospitalierIntercommunal de Créteil [CHIC]) led by Professor Ralph Epaud with the creation of a dermatology branch linkedto the coordinating centre.

In addition, CERENEF has added the following specific competences:

  • The plastic surgery department of the Georges Pompidou European Hospital (Paris) of Professor Laurent Lantieri (competence centre).
  • The neurosurgery department of the Beaujon Hospital (Clichy) of Professor Philippe Decq (competence centre).
  • The paediatric neurology department of the Kremlin-Bicêtre Hospital of Professor Patrick Aubourg.
  • The onco-paediatrics department of the Curie Institute (Paris), referent: Pr. François Doz.
  • The onco-paediatrics department of the Gustave Roussy Institute (Villejuif), referent: Dr Jack Grill.

Each constituent site can organise multidisciplinary care in consultation, day hospitalisation, or traditional hospitalisation.

The relay outside Île-de-France is provided by a network of competence centres (ie, NF-France) within each main French region: there are 22 competence centres covering the needs of the management of both type 1and type 2 neurofibromatosis. An overseas competence centrein Fort de France (Martinique) has been opened.

In addition, CERENEF is linked to the molecular biology laboratory of the Cochin Hospital (Paris) for the molecular antenatal diagnostics of neurofibromatosis (Pr. Michel Vidaud) and with the various French Pre Implantation Diagnostic Centres (PID).