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The Therapeutic Patient Education (TPE) is a practice whose development is growing exponentially. By giving a prominent place to patients as an actor in their health, it aims to "help patients acquire or maintain the skills they need to best manage their lives with a chronic disease" (WHO). It also makes it possible to integrate the family environment and the caregivers into this care and to strengthen their involvement.

In the dermatology department of the Henri-Mondor Hospital, we have implemented a TPE program for patients with neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1), a program developed with the involvement of patients. Their active participation is crucial for the development of a didactic, innovative, and above all a useful program!

Our idea is to offer patients with NF1with a series of group workshops or individual consultations adapted to everyone. To do this, we need work closely with patients in order to better address their needs.

We obtained funding from the DGOS ("Direction Générale de l’Offre de Soins") to set up this program and obtained the agreement from the ARS ("Agence Régionale de Santé").

The objectives are, for example, to increase the knowledge about the disease to those who wish so, to offer dietetic workshops, to learn to better express oneself on one's emotions, to be able to participate in discussion groups or experience sharing....For this, a meeting was organised to determine the real needs of patients, adapted to their journeys. Several patients have already been able to participate and share their needs with us. The ideas that emerged from this meeting allowed us to develop the program comprised of different workshops: Ateliers ETP

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General information

TPE coordination – Audrey Colin, state-certified nurse

Registrations – Alexandra Vo, dermatology department assistant
Tel.: +33 (1) 49 81 25 01 - Fax:+33 (1) 49 81 25 08 – E-mail: